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Why volunteer?

In our current reality, it has been increasingly necessary to join efforts seeking to bring better conditions to those who have nothing. Some people live in conditions we have no idea about, often surviving without a meal for several days, with no prospect of better days.  

For these cases, the State (Federal, State and Municipal Government) has the role of intervening to provide a minimum of conditions to this vulnerable population, however, in recent years, there have been few and often almost no initiatives or programs generated with that purpose.  

Therefore, volunteering is of great importance, because by donating a little time you can make a difference in the lives of countless people. In line with this, there are donations, which in our case have provided the purchase of food to satisfy the hunger of many families.  

Being a volunteer allows the work to be divided, making it lighter and reaching more people. It doesn't matter what you know how to do, just needing great goodwill, empathy and love for others.


become a volunteer

Click on the button below to be directed to a form where you can register as a volunteer at our association, thus being able to contribute to this wonderful work that we develop with so much affection, in favor of the needy!!!


Campaign "Who is hungry, is in a hurry"

This was an initiative aimed at combating hunger that had already been settling in the outskirts of the city, intensifying with the beginning of the pandemic. There are many families in extreme poverty who are unable to buy basic food. Located in the neighborhood of Brasilândia, AMAVB was born with the purpose of acting in social transformation, promoting projects that provide income solutions to needy families, but with the aggravation of unemployment, it started to work collecting food, distributing baskets and lunchboxes. With Covid-19, there was a worsening of hunger, leading to the creation of the campaign "WHO'S HUNGER, HURRY"


What does a volunteer do?

As a volunteer, you can help in different ways, according to each project. It will be possible to act in the transport of people or materials, if you have a vehicle and can use it, as well as in more direct fronts such as distribution of baskets, lunchboxes, teaching courses, dissemination of news, actions and projects by AMAVB, preparation of lunchboxes, distribution, among many other activities.  

Come and make a difference in the lives of many people, making friends, learning a lot, sharing knowledge, supporting those in need and getting to know the daily reality of many Brazilians. 

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